So you want to come play in the snow, do ya? Well, welcome! You've come to the right place.

You see, I didn't start my life as a snow aficionado. Nope, my family is actually from the South. Georgia, to be specific. Even better than that, I was born in the great state of Alabama and went to college at the good ole University of Tennessee. Also, when I moved to Canada I was well on my way to becoming a bona fide Florida resident.

It doesn't get much more Southern than that, y'all.

I was lucky enough to meet my favorite guy in the whole wide world while working at a summer camp in Maine. We met on the lake during the summer of 2005.

Several years, and a million long distance telephone bills, later we bit the bullet and got married in 2010.

He's a born and raised Canadian citizen, which is how I came to live here.

Starting a new life in a new country is no easy task. Slowly but surely, I've made new friends, found a new job and adapted a new way of life. Plus, I've been forced to acquire a new wardrobe that consists of more boots and less flip-flops. But they're cute boots, so it's okay.

This blog was originally my way of keeping my family and friends informed of what my new Canadian lifestyle was like. In fact, that's exactly what it is still about.

Here we talk about everything - life, bad dogs, cooking, sailing, snow, playing in the woods, entertaining, adventures, philosophies, fitness and a bunch of other nonsense.

This blog is my happy place. A small space where things are happy, positive and fun. Just how I like it.

I run the gamut when it comes to interests but my absolute favorites are photography, working out, baking cupcakes, teaching, DIY attempts, working at a summer camp and hanging out with TC and my pups.

Who are they? Well, TC is my husband. TC stands for The Canadian, which is exactly what all my friends knew him as before we got married. You won't find any kids around here, but we do have two behaviorally challenged pups for entertainment. Hobie is TC's Newfoundland and Maple is my black Lab. Between the two of them they drool, smell, dig in the garbage, have way too much energy and are too cute for their own good.

It's chaos, I tell you. My life is my own personal circus. Welcome to the show.

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