Thursday, August 22, 2013

Life. And Bangle Bracelets.

We're not going to talk exclusively about bracelets today. Although we could. I think Alex and Ani bracelets are the cutest things ever. Charm bracelet meets bangle? Love it.

I warn you though - watch out for the mermaid's tail. It gets caught in all sorts of things. Including the nostrils of young children. True. It's awkward. And probably painful for the kid. Watch yourself.

Let's talk about other things, like life. We'll just look at photos of bracelets because I took them yesterday when I was in the mood to take photos. My poor camera didn't get much attention this summer and I missed it. What can I say?

It's late on Wednesday night right now and tomorrow my sister, Sally and I are heading to the beach. Camp has been over for a week now and after this escape to the sandy shores summer will officially be over. I'll pack up my bags, fly back to Maine and then finally pack up my car and drive back to Canada to start a new school year.

To me the end of summer is similar to New Years. It's the start of a new year. When you work in the education realm it truly is a new year. A time to start fresh. A time to set new goals. For me, I've basically been on a break from the real world for the past three months. Don't get me wrong, my summer job is far from low key and stress free, but it is a break from my daily life routine. It's nice to not grocery shop, to not run errands, to not worry about mowing the lawn. On the other hand, I miss those things. I miss my bed. I miss sitting down to dinner with TC every night. And God knows I miss Duck Dynasty. True. Jace is my guilty pleasure.

There is a lot to look forward to this year. First and foremost I'm looking forward to getting healthy. Nagging congestion and lower back pain have been my nemesis for months now. This extra twenty-five pounds I'm carrying? Time to hit the road. Healthy meals and the gym and I are about to become best friends again. Lucky you, you'll probably get to hear about it because as it turns out, I do better when y'all hold me accountable.

Fingers crossed, exciting things MIGHT be happening at work. Cross those fingers tight. I've been doing some shopping this summer all in anticipation of exciting job opportunities. Alex, I'll take "Fake It Til You Make It" for $800. Thank you very much.

My other big thought is to maybe start dabbling in portraits and family photography again. It's an overwhelming and exciting thought all at the same time. But it might be time to go for it. Time to put on my big girl pants and have some confidence. I think the time has come.

It's good to take some time and reflect. Sometimes taking a step back from life provides great perspective. I've considered what I liked about last year, what I want to change, and more importantly, how I can make changes.

For example, sitting on the couch with a giant bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream and Duck Dynasty on the tube probably isn't the healthy life style I'm aiming for. Lazy weekends spent doing absolutely nothing isn't what I'm going for either. I want active. I want busy. Really, I want a life that is worthy of a million photographs and a million good times to write about. Funny how this silly little blog can be such a great motivation.

So many fun things to look forward to - cooking turkeys, cutting down Christmas trees, the hot air balloon festival, new sofas (?!?), new babies, Why Not Wednesdays, dinner parties, an exciting trip, bachelorette parties...the list is endless.

I'm excited for the new year. I'm going to take full advantage of this wonderful, spontaneous life.


Apparently Alex and Ani bracelets have been around for a while and I just live under a rock. If you're not familiar, check them out here. You can also find them at department stores. Each charm represents different meanings, which makes them extra special.

Alex and Ani is all about positive energy and they're made in the USA. There are tons to choose from - basics, universities, religious, astrological, you name it. They're reasonably priced and come in gold and silver, which is cute to mix. Plus, they're adjustable as each side slides over the other side.

It's never too soon to start your holiday shopping. Or buy yourself a little treat to celebrate the new year!

(Pssst. They each come with three other tiny little metal charms that I take off to ease the bulk. Just use pliers.)


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