Wednesday, July 13, 2011


We have lots of traditions here at camp. Too many to name, really. One of the biggest is Spirit Day which is what most camps would call Color Wars. The campers are divided into two teams - green and blue. However, our leadership team dresses in yellow because we're the Yellow Jackets - aka the judges. Hence the lovely outfits you are about to witness. 

Another fun tradition we have are randomly timed handstands. More like Manstands!


Okay, boys. I'm going to count to 3...

Don't hurt yourself!

You're not the young bucks you once were!

Oh, Lord...


And when manstands get old the boys move on to front handsprings.

Doesn't matter if you don't actually know how to do a handspring. Just fling your body wildly through the air.

One hand, two hands...doesn't matter. Those are just details.

And 0/5 landed it. 

But I'm happy to report there were no broken wrists, ankles or necks. Just a few sore tailbones. No biggie.

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