Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lobster for Dinner.

I know I've been MIA but camp has been an especially busy place this summer. Actually, the other day I toted my camera around all day to document every event that happened throughout the day. I'll show you soon.

Anyway, my parents finally came to visit camp last week. I've been working here for eight summers now so we figured it was finally time they see the place where I met The Canadian. 

To give them the full Maine experience we headed down the street to the Naples Lobster Pound.

It doesn't get much more Maine-y than this place. Indoor picnic tables. No air conditioning. Plastic silverware. 


My dad had his first legitimate lobster experience. He's had lobster before but never where he had to don the lobster bib, stare at his new friend's eyes and tear it open.

Fortunately, The Canadian grew up on lobster and could crack one in his sleep, so he was able to walk my dad through the whole process.

Have you even cracked you own lobster? I've had lobster on multiple occasions but have only cracked my own once and it was an experience that I don't care to repeat. There is some super nasty stuff in those little guys. Ugh, I can't even think about it...

This place is legit too. If you look at this photo closely you can see a greenish-blue sink in the back where the living lobsters are chillin'. The steam on the right side is where the lobsters are meeting their untimely demise upon your order. 

Poor little guys, kinda brings a tear to my eye.

After dinner we headed over to the closest town which is downtown Naples. It sits on the intersection of three lakes and serves as a cool hangout with a few restaurants and bars, a souvenir shop and a couple ice cream parlors. 

Since Maine is known for blueberries too, my mom wanted homemade dessert to round off her Maine experience. The four of us went to another restaurant and ordered a round of drink and a blueberry crumble and blueberry cheesecake. Let me tell you, it was delicious. Definitely the perfect end to the evening.

Up until the beginning of June I hadn't seen my parents since Christmas and I've now seen them twice for dinner this summer. In another month I am going down to Atlanta for a visit and I can't wait. Hanging out with them last week was awesome. Not to mention that I really appreciated the cookies and bathing suits my mom brought me. 

Moms always make the best goodie bags.

If you want to send me a care package or some mail, I definitely wouldn't complain.

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