Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Big Day.

Watch out! I am on a roll. I took the day off from work today and knocked out so much of my to-do list that I barely know what to do with myself. I feel like a celebratory glass of wine is in order.

I love days like today.

Now, I'm no slacker. I had a good reason to take the day off. I've been meaning to have a mole removed from my eyebrow for years and I finally had my appointment today. This is Canada, so it took me almost a year and half to get the appointment but my dermatologist was great and it cost me almost nothing. Because it was cosmetic it wasn't free, but it was awfully close.

I also hit up the optometrist and got myself some shiny new navy glasses. Fun, right? A little different, a little big, a fun color - exactly the look I want in reading glasses. Can you see my little bandage poking out behind the glasses?

The good news is that my vision isn't terrible. The bad news is that my eyeballs are sun damaged. I guess that means that my obsession with sunglasses is warranted and I can forever justify buying fancy glasses. It should also serve as a lesson to all of us - eyeballs can be irreversibly sunburned causing them to become bumpy and/or yellow. Ain't nobody got time for that.

In other news, my awesome new scarf is from Aldo just in case you need a little retail therapy today.

I should also tell you that in recent months I have fallen completely off the fitness wagon. When I say fallen, I mean taken a flying leap, rolled down the road into a ditch and have been laying in the mud eating pizza ever since. So, yeah. I've been lazy.

But, dare I say, I think I'm getting back in my groove. The wagon is still a ways down the road, but at least I'm on my feet. After 45 solid minutes of cardio tonight I remembered why I love the gym.

Work is back on the agenda for tomorrow. That means I'll be surrounded by fifth graders that are in an intensive French program. They only refer to me as Madame now. It's the weirdest thing when you don't recognize your own name. Where did Mrs. G go? Who is Madame?!

I hope they still recognize me now that my face will be symmetrical for the first time in my life.

I'll leave you with this. All of my favorite mantras in one place. The last one is the most important.

Happy Wednesday!

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