Friday, September 6, 2013

If You Were At Our Table...

For the first time in months the girls and I reunited at our weekly Why Not Wednesday hub. We sat down over drinks to catch up on all our summer shenanigans and celebrate Annie's birthday. We do this every Wednesday solely for the fact that it's Wednesday. So, why not?

If you had been at our table I would have told you that...

I love summer, I'm dreading winter and yet I'm over this whole non-air-conditioned summer thing. Would it really cause Northerners that much trouble to install air conditioning? The heat is fine, and even expected when you're outside, but when you're in a classroom full of children it's a little much. I keep hearing teachers say, "Bring on winter!" and as much as that makes me want to curl up into the fetal position I am slowly starting to see why Canadians enjoy winter. You probably would too if your only escape from the heat was in the solace of your air-conditioned car. I'm not kidding, I found myself driving an extra ten minutes yesterday on my way home just to keep the cool air flowing.

On the other hand, we are under a frost warning for I guess my complaints about air conditioning are null and void.

If you were at our table, I would also tell you that it is still skate boarding season around these parts.

Old Grey Beard is younger than she looks and will do absolutely anything if it means she can go wildly running down the street like a maniac.

I don't know who loves it more - TC or Maple. Actually, I might love it the most. I mean really, who else is married to a man that still rides his bike or skateboard on a daily basis...and then wakes up the next morning and puts on a tie to go to work?

It makes me happy.

I would also tell you about this Fall Shred I'm doing. Basically, I paid a personal trainer $30 dollars to send me a months worth of workouts and weekly menus of clean eating. So far, I've followed about half the menu and used the jump rope so much that I'm pretty sure my calves are no longer attached to my body.

The best part of the menu is the late night snack. It involves three ingredients that have never before graced my kitchen - almond milk, chai (vanilla) tea and stevia. Let me tell you, it is amazing and I crave it all day long.

If I could, I would make you a nice steaming mug of it right now and pour it right through the computer screen for you. Clearly that's not going to work, so this is what you do: boil 2 cups of almond milk, add in two bags of chai vanilla tea and a big pinch or two of stevia. Perfect for cool fall evenings!

Don't knock it 'til you try it.

Have a wonderful weekend and be sure to do something fun!

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