Monday, October 7, 2013

The Perfect Weekend.

This weekend was as close to perfect as they come. The weather was the epitome of fall - clear, crisp blue skies and trees that are absolutely on fire. If you follow me on Instagram, you've already seen the evidence.

It was the kind of weekend where anything on the to do list was thrown out the window in the name of fun. It was just too good to pass up. And with a long winter right around the corner, I've been feeling very I-don't-care-what-we-should-be-doing-let's-go-have-fun-ish. I hate to say it, but generally I see the weekend as catch-up time when I can be productive and get things together. For whatever reason, lately I've been trying to keep up during the weekend to eliminate the need for catch-up during the weekend. That frees up time to enjoy the weekend as it is truly meant to be - time for fun and a little bit of rest.

We packed in so much this weekend that it feels like forever since I've been at work. And this week is only a three day week because Canadian Thanksgiving is next weekend. Five days off work? Yes please.

Friday night we spent under the stars around the fire. Saturday started at the market for breakfast and coffee as a meeting point to head out to the apple orchard. Right from there we hit the woods with more friends and the dogs and then ended the day watching Tennessee football and finished the evening with a small party. Today brought sleeping in, a late breakfast and then a trip to the park with Carla to get some shots of her baby belly. Just seven short weeks and her second little one will be here. Is it wrong that I'm hoping she goes into labor at our American Thanksgiving party? I think that would make for a really great story.

I hope you managed to do something fun this weekend too!

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