Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bray's. I Love This Bar.

Is it Toby Keith who sings the great song "I Love This Bar?" I think it is. 

I know what he's talking about. I love this bar. There is no better better place to have a drink and hang out. I've spent many a night at Bray's over the past six summers. It's part of the reason I keep coming back to Maine for the summer.

Bray's is tucked away in the small Maine town of Naples. It's about 15 minutes away from camp and is a local joint. A lot of places around camp cater to the camp counselor crowd, but not Bray's. We come up here on any given night, sit out side and wind down. 

They make their own beer and The Canadian will tell you that there is no better porter beer made in the world. 

The regulars all have hand made ceramic mugs that line the shelves and hang from the ceiling.

The outside beer garden is full of picnic tables. It's our favorite place to sit.

Pete the bartender usually works the outside bar. He's the grumpiest bartender alive (I take that back, he just brought my nachos to me and is in a good mood) but we love him anyway. Don't get me wrong, we love Nate, Scotty and Woody too. They even come outside and hang out with us on slow nights. 

Live music plays inside every night and the place gets rowdy with all the locals dancing their hearts out.

When it gets a little chilly, as Maine nights do, someone always lights up the fire pit for a little warmth and ambiance. 

So, next time you're looking for me on a random summer night and I'm not answering my phone its because I'm sitting my happy butt at Bray's hanging out with Tiffany, The Canadian, or another camp friend and ignoring the real world.

Next time you're in Naples be sure to swing by and try the Porter. You can thank The Canadian for the recommendation.

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