Friday, June 24, 2011

A Morning Wine Tasting. It's How We Roll.

Hello Blacksmith's Winery! Tiffany and I are ready to taste some wine! So what if it's 11am in the morning? It was a Saturday and one of our few days off camp. We decided to throw caution to the wind and start off our day with a bang.

This winery is located in a small town in Maine. It may be tiny, but it is packed with all sorts of delicious treats.

The bar was super cool. It was made of lots of different old doors. The counter was steel from their old loading dock. Apparently the counter isn't even attached to the bar. It's so heavy it just sits on top and isn't going anywhere.

Not only do they make your basic red and white wines...

They make goodies like Blueberry wine, Sparkling Cranberry, Peach Wine, Rhubarb Wine and Elderberry Wine. Like, whoa.

The bartender, Brandon, was adorable and super friendly. He helped us pick out the 5 wines we would each be tasting.

There were definitely some favorites. Tiffany started with a Vidal Blanc and I went directly for the Blueberry. I could have finished the bottle.

The Roughshod was amazing. It's made of Maine blueberries blended with brandy. I think I died. The Sparkling Cranberry was a close second. Okay, it may have been a tie.

But, wait. It was a Saturday. That means the Ice Wine was available. I'm not sure you're familiar with the concept of Ice Wine but it is rare and expensive. Something about the grapes being frozen. I wasn't really paying attention, I had just inhaled for glasses of wine, mind you. Anyway, this stuff runs $50 for a small bottle and it is sweet. Holy cow, it is sweet. A taste test was definitely all I could handle.

It was time to make our exit and get on with the shopping.

I was just tipsy enough, and just excited enough to grab a bottle of Sparkling Cranberry. 

Okay, fine. I bought a bottle of Blueberry Wine too. Don't judge. I'm in Maine. It's like a requirement.

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