Friday, June 3, 2011

All Hail the Birfday Princess.

As it turns out, the big 3-0 wasn't so bad. Actually, it was a really good birthday. It's always nice to start your birfday with a ginormous card signed by twenty of your nearest and dearest 20-something year olds friends.

My mom sent me the greatest birthday hat of all time. She knows me so well. 

I wore that hat all day. I wore it at breakfast, I wore it during coffee break. I wore it in the 95 degree heat for 6 hours while I stripped the stain off of a deck. I wore it to lunch. I wore it in the thunder storm. I wore it to dinner. I didn't wear it in the shower. I wore it while I drove the golf cart around camp. I wore it to the bar. 

I loved that hat and I was sad to see it go. Even though I was more than happy to have my birthday over, I will never forget the hat.

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