Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Airhead Challenge.

So, I'm finishing up camp for the summer and I finally have time to get a little writing done. I'm sorry I haven't been forthcoming with all my stories, but trust me...there are plenty. Keep in mind that all of these stories (for the next couple of weeks, at least) occurred throughout the summer and are therefore a few weeks old. My apologies.

I love my husband for many reasons. One of them is that he is easily entertained. One of his favorite things to do every summer is host his annual Airhead Challenge.

The Airhead Challenge is simple. He takes 7 Airheads and rolls them into a gigantic ball of stickiness. The ball contains strawberry, cherry, watermelon, blue raspberry, mystery flavor, and 2 green apple Airheads. Are you disgusted yet? 

He makes the ball and then finds some poor unsuspecting counselor to coerce into eating the entire thing in one sitting...without removing it from their mouth. The record is somewhere around 6 minutes.

This year's victim is Hilary. Dear sweet Hilary. She had no idea what was in store for her. Poor thing.

She starts off strong. She makes major progress in the first few minutes...but sort of looks like a monkey.

But then the drooling started and the minutes began to creep by. The napkin was no match for the amount of drool that was pouring out. I think we are around 15 minutes at this point....and still not done.

But then she got into a groove and polished that Airhead off like nobody's business.

I'm pretty sure her tongue was blue for a solid 5 days following.

And she didn't feel very well afterward. Shocking, I know.

But after she finished picking the goo out of her blue teeth she felt pretty good about completing the 2011 Airhead Challenge. Yup, that is 21 minutes of her life that she'll never get back. 

Please email me if you want to participate in the 2012 Airhead Challenge. 
We are taking applications now.

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  1. ME! ME! ME! Can we have a Christmas Airhead Challenge?!?!