Monday, August 29, 2011

Camden and The Canadian's Dream Life.

If you're going to go to Maine there are a few key towns you'll need to visit. Top of the list: Camden. A small town sitting right on the coast about halfway up the state, Camden is a major sailing town. The stores are cute, the sea food is great and the boats will blow you away. If you're going to visit you definitely want to bust out the Sperry's, tie your sweater around your shoulders and brush up on your boat terminology. Around here a rope is not just a rope -- it is a main sheet or a haliyard or some other very expensive, important piece of a braided material that belongs on a sail boat. Calling it a rope is clearly an insult. As you can tell, sailing is not my gig but it is my husbands most favorite past time. 

Don't get me wrong, I like to look at the boats. They're pretty. They're colorful. They're interesting. But really, they're made of wood. And usually old. And they break all the time. Not to mention that they are powered by wind, which you are apparently supposed to be able to read, predict and "see." Whatever that means. See what I'm saying? It's not my gig. 

But The Canadian, he loves it. In fact, his dream is to not only own a boat but actually live on it...for like years

While we were wandering around Camden he would say things like, "See that 55 foot C&C? Wouldn't that be cool to live on and sail around the world?"

I like to respond with comments like, "Sure. I bet you and your friends will have a great time, honey."

Then, 30 minutes later he'll try again, "Look. That one has a full galley and a place where you can lay out on the deck."

Don't get me wrong, I love boats and I love the water and I like to consider myself an adventurous person but I just tend to also enjoy the modern conveniences of civilization. 

Plus, if I lived on a boat I would have to learn what all those flags mean. 

But if The Canadian wanted to live on a boat like this...well then maybe I would change my tune a bit.

Besides, where would the Maple Monster go? I don't think she's cut out for life at sea. There may be customs issues...I'm pretty sure she's wanted somewhere.

Now if he wanted to live in a cute house like this on the water with our boat parked right outside then I might be game. 

And if owning a boat means that we can have old buoys laying around to make cool swings out of then I'll consider that as well. 

So, okay. Maybe the whole boat thing is completely out of the question. Maybe we just need to compromise. Like making a vacation out of it. Really, isn't that what marriage is all about?


Towards the end of our day in Camden we were enjoying an adult beverage at a local establishment. As we were sitting on the deck we noticed a seagull hanging around the kitchen door. We decided that the seagull was definitely a regular and was quite possibly the smartest seagull in town if he had figured out to hang around right outside the kitchen. And being the only seagull hanging around we figured he must be some sort of pimp seagull that had established that railing as his territory. 

Anyway, curiosity got the best of me (and maybe the beer did too) so I wandered around to the kitchen to inquire.

Turns out that his name is BlaBla (because that is the sound be makes) and he sits there all night, every night. 

And he likes french fries. Hold the ketchup.

And if you're patient...and make tsk tsk noises...

BlaBla will eat steal right out of your hand.

And then he'll sit there, enjoying his treat, and wait for his next sucker.

True story. 

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