Friday, August 19, 2011

How To Make a Wakeboard Bench.

Ever seen one of these? Maybe at the lake? Or maybe at the ski hill, but made out of snowboards? 

Pretty cool, right?

I decided it was high time to put some of our old wakeboards to use and make a comfy sitting area for our ski dock here at camp. While I am the creative brains behind this plan I had to enlist the help of my best bud, Gene Bean, for some carpentry skills. That wood working thing just isn't my forte.

Behold. The 10 steps of wakeboard bench construction. 

You're welcome.

1. We Gene started by cutting some 2x4's for the legs, back and seat. The front leg is 14 inches high, it's 17 inches deep and the back rises 34 inches, just in case you care. Oh, and it leans at a 20 degree angle.

2. I did the painting because I'm helpful like that. Please ignore the fact that I am wearing two different colored flip-flops. It was dark when I got dressed that day.

3. Once the paint was dry we held up the pieces to make sure it would all work out. At that point Gene decided we were going to need some support through the center and that our plan had been too simple.

4. So we he went back to the shop to cut up some center lengths. I supervised to make sure he didn't loose a finger or anything.

5. A few minutes and a couple of screws later the frame of the bench was ready. 

6. But then we realized there was one small problem - it was going to tip over backwards should anyone actually lean back on it. Seeing as that is what benches are for we decided to add some extra extra support. I don't want to be responsible for anyone's cracked skull, you know.

7. So, I finished painting and we were finally in business. For real, this time.

Kind of looks like a ski lift chair, don't ya think?

8. Gene went about screwing in brass finishing screws while I continued to supervise. I'm getting really good at this supervising thing.

Seriously, how many people does it take to screw down a wakeboard? I told you my supervision was necessary.

9. Finally, we were done. Pretty cool, right? 

Just wait until you see it in its natural habitat.

Wait for it.....

10. Okay, now it look it looks a little better. Meet Casey. Hi Casey! 

Go ahead. Try it. You too can make the bench of your dreams. I can't promise Casey will act as your model...but you can try.

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  1. this is awesome!!! and i will model for anyone who needs it haha