Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sea Bags. A New England Must.

Sea Bags! Holla! The greatest invention of all time. I love bags, always have. My mom calls me the bag lady -- like I'm homeless or something. Purses and shoes are fun, and I have plenty...but bags are where it's at. Tell me why I feel the need to own a bag in every shape, in every size and for every occasion. I don't know. It's a compulsion. 

Sea Bags originate in the great state of Maine where their shop sits in downtown Freeport, the outlet shoppers Mecca. 

Inside the shop you will find more glorious bags than one could ever possibly need. The colors are brilliant and the patterns are simple. I think I'll take one of each.

What makes Sea Bags so special are what they're made of -- recycled sails! I'm telling you, it's always the simple ideas. Why didn't I, the wife of a sailor, think to whip out my sewing machine and whip of one of these beauties? Well, fine. It's because I don't actually remember the details of how to use my sewing machine. But I could learn. I know I could.

Not only will Sea Bags sell you a bag but they'll even make one for you out of your own used sail. Wouldn't that be cool? It would solve all the problems of what to do with those unwanted, torn sails that are littering the basement. Three cheers for the sail exchange program!

If you opt for the pre-made bag and you're a bit of glamor girl, then you've come to the right spot. The metallic star tote was meant for you!

Or maybe you've always wanted to go on a whale watching tour and are feeling the whale tale...

Maybe you prefer to drop anchor and enjoy the sunset...

Perhaps you have a lucky number you'd like to sport...

Or maybe the classic stripe would compliment your J.Crew twin set...

But the birds are always a nice, subtle choice...

And what's more I Summer in Maine-ish than a traditional lobster claw?

I'm telling you, these are the greatest bags ever.

First of all, sails are pretty much indestructible. Seriously, they're designed to sail across the world so I think they can survive a little shopping.

Secondly, the stitching and structure is top notch as is the roping.

While I understand Sea Bags aren't in everyone's budget, the quality definitely backs up the price.

You can even get a smaller makeup bag if that's more your thing. 

If none of the bags are exactly what you're feeling, don't fret. Sea Bags kindly offers a design-your-own-bag option as well. That's what The Canadian did for me -- he's awesome like that. I have a fantastic duffle with a big blue star that I take everywhere. He even remembered to ask for navy rope straps because I was worried the white straps would get dingy. See? This is why I married him.

You'll know your Sea Bag is legit by the trademark stamp on the inside -- don't be fooled, they're are knock-offs out there. 

So, go ahead. Check them out. Support the Maine economy and look good while you're doing it. And be sure to check Sea Bags out on Facebook -- they give away a bag every week. But watch out, I'm going to win the giveaway one of these days. Competition is stiff. Get your game face on.

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