Monday, August 20, 2012

Good Times in Asheville.

Many moons ago my parents dropped me off at the University of Tennessee. Only three hours away from my home town and high school, you would think that I would have known people there. But I didn't. After only being in my dorm a few hours that changed. Randomly, I met a girl in front of my dorm. We were from the same town and even knew a few of the same people. A few days later we made another friend, Mary.

Somehow, someway the three of us survived college together. We lived together for several years. We bickered. We laughed. We partied. We studied. All the usual things college girls do.

Fast forward to this weekend. It's been twelve years since we met. No. Thirteen years. Surely it is not fourteen... God help me. Where has the time gone?

Anyway, Jen lives in Atlanta now where she works, is happily married to her college boyfriend and has two adorable kids. Mary lives and works in Asheville, North Carolina where she just bought her first house, is dating a great guy and has a super cute pup.

We don't all get to see each other as often as any of us would like but we are all still tight and know how to have a good time. As evidenced by this past weekend. It's going to be a while until I'm fully recovered, I think.

Last week right after I returned from my summer in Maine, Jen and I headed to Asheville to visit Mary for a long overdue girls weekend.

We had no real plans. Other than to have a good time and hang out.

And eat.

And then eat some more and not worry about calories.

Everyone knows that calories don't count on vacation.

We went by Mary's boyfriend's glass studio to see where the magic happens. 

The man is good. I've got lots of his work in my house. You can check him out here.

We went to, what felt like, every bar in town. 

Of course, Mary knew everyone everywhere we went. The cafe owner. The bartender. The boutique owner. The record shop guys. The homeless dude in the middle of the road. 

She's like the mayor or something.

We also spent some time checking out her new house and hanging out with the BF and pup.

Seeing as they've been dating for like four years, I figured it was high time I meet the guy. 

I had a blast with my girls. It was just like it has always been. We chatted a little about old times but mostly we talked about mortgages and kids and boys and nothing in particular.

I'm thinking that we're going to need to make this an annual event.

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