Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Photos Just About Sum It Up.

This is going to be my last post about the summer. I promise. Well, I'll try.

We'll wrap it up with my favorite photos. Some are my favorite because I just like the photo, some because they represent a great memory that I don't want to forget.

I know this is going to come as a shock to you, but I don't write this blog just for you. Often I write it for myself. Because it helps me remember things. One of my favorite things to do is look back through my old posts and take a trip down memory lane.

The swim beach. My front yard. The clouds were spectacular that night. It had stormed earlier in the day and the left over clouds were so badass.

Same night, but we brought down a bunch of camp-made adirondack chairs and built a camp fire for an evening under the stars. It was very camp-esque.

My beloved. He loves tearing around the lake on his jet ski. I repeat, he loves it.

My favorite place at camp. My home for five glorious summers. I know every inch of the ski dock.

I was also playing with a really fun wide-angle fisheye lens that day and thought the photo turned out really cool.

That is me! I finally got a chance to dress up as the moose!

It doesn't really smell good in there.

We don't get very many days off at camp. Six to be exact. So we try and take full advantage. TC and I have fallen into a bad habit of going to the same places over and over for our days off. This summer we tried to broaden our horizons a bit. This is us on top of Mt. Washington in North Conway, New Hampshire. It's in the White Mountains and is the highest peak in the North East. It is also home to the fastest winds in the world - like 231mph fast.

I think it may be our Christmas card photo. If I ever get around to making a Christmas card.

A sunfish. We have a fleet of 14 sail boats that include Sunfish, Hobie's and a JY. The sails are brilliant colors but this photo just lent itself to black and white.

I spend most of my day chasing the sunfish around. TC loves the boats so much that he named his dog after them.

For years I've heard the locals talk about a country western joint called the Silver Spur. 

I finally had a chance to go this summer and it was unlike anything I've ever seen. Old timers dancing. Legit cowboy hats. Belt buckles. BYOB. Barn doors. All under a disco ball.

It was awesome.

I won't name names, but this photo is summer love. I love the boots with the Toms in the background. Standing up on her tippy-toes to sneak a kiss from her summer sweetheart - Be still my beating heart.

I hope they get married.

Theme of the summer: Super heros.

Socks with capes? Doesn't get any cooler than that.

Remember how I said that TC and I go to the same places over and over for our days off? Well this is our favorite. It's a little cottage outside of Freeport, Maine. See our chairs on the porch with a table in between? That's where we play cards and split a bottle of wine. Then we fall asleep by 11pm because we're exhausted. And old, apparently.

We didn't get much liquid sunshine (aka rain) this summer, but when we did there was always a rocking rainbow right after. 

We even had a triple rainbow one evening but of course my camera was clear across camp and I missed the shot.

This summer we shot a new promotional video. For a month a production crew of six guys came in to get the footage. The guys were really cool and I tagged along a lot. It was really cool to see how they worked and learn about their different cameras and lenses.

Anyway, we had a helicopter come in one day and then another day they brought in a mini-helicopter to get some different angles. The mini-helicopter was about four feet long and remote controlled. We even brought it out on the lake and had it land on the pontoon boat. 

Last but not least, momma and baby loon. Loons are huge, like a big goose. They're great swimmers and can dive under water for over a minute, then resurface clear across the lake. We have several pairs of loons on the lake and every now and then they'll have a chick. This little guy went from riding around on his momma's back to diving and fishing all in the span of a few days. The best part of loons are their calls. When it is quiet and still at night you can hear them singing all the way down the lake.

Okay! That's it. No more talk about the summer.

Soon enough we'll be talking about snow. God help me....

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