Friday, January 18, 2013


After our little adventure in the woods last weekend we made plans for an impromptu mini-dinner party at Carla and Tyler's house that evening.

Carla got a raclette for Christmas and it seemed like the perfect night to take it for a test run. The beauty of raclette is how little preparation that goes into it. While we stood at our cars, in our snowsuits, we went back in forth with what food we had in our refrigerators. Carla had salmon. I had nothing. Carla had mushrooms, peppers and cheese. I had, well, nothing. In my defense I do grocery shopping on Sundays and since it was Saturday afternoon, my fridge was at its most pathetic point.

Anyway, a baguette, scallops and pre-sliced stir fry steak later, we were in business. For some reason I consider raclette as something we reserve for special occasions but I have decided that is silly. When something is so fun and so easy, why would we not take full advantage and have it all the time?

While we were playing cards afterward Carla mentioned that we need to make sure to stay social on the weekends and not let winter send us into hibernation. It's so easy to do. It's still getting dark at 5:00 and it's snowed for the past few days. The forecast is a cool -30 tomorrow, plus a storm rolling in early next week. Do you see why hibernation is so appealing? Come home from work, put on your favorite sweats, pour a glass of wine and cuddle on the couch all weekend - it's easy to do.

There is no point to this. I'm clearly delirious and rambling at this point. Maybe I do have a point. Let's do something fun this weekend. We work too hard during the week to not enjoy the weekend.

Happy Friday!

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