Sunday, January 6, 2013

I Wrote This On Friday But Was Too Sick To Hit "Publish."

It's Friday. And it's snowing again. For days now I've been hunkered down on the couch. Multiple boxes of Kleenex surround me as well as my iPad, laptop and a never-ending glass of orange juice. I'm thinking about spiking the o.j. That might wake up my taste buds.

I'd like to say that I have a touch of the winter blues. If that was the case then I would at least be able to beat this with my mental prowess. But its just a plain ole cold. Mixed with a touch of sinusitis, its like all my bad karma is finally catching up with me.

The miserable cold weather isn't helping either. Typically I would just pretend that I feel good and go about my business. But the's working against me.

Twenty minutes ago I decided that hot chocolate sounded good. My mother-in-law gave me a case of delicious flavored Swiss Miss for Christmas and the mint chocolate was calling my name. But I was out of milk and watery hot chocolate just wasn't going to cut it. I only needed to make it to the corner store to buy milk, which is just two blocks away. I could drive, but my engine gets angry when it has to warm up for such a short trip. Instead I decided a quick walk might do me some good and get my blood  flowing a bit. I bundled up in my boots, parka, scarf and mitts before heading out.

When I stepped outside the temperature actually wasn't too bad. But when I turned the corner the wind whipped me in the face causing my eyes to immediately water. After about a block my nose was running profusely, tears from the wind were running down my face, the cold was seeping through my Uggs and I was seriously questioning my sanity.

Based on the way I looked, the girl behind the counter must have thought that either my dog just died or I was going through a major breakup. I tried to explain that I just have a cold, and she just said, "Bless your heart." What? Are we in the South? God help me, I'd love to be back there where it's not snowing.

I picked out some skim milk, popcorn and a reece's just because I felt like I deserved an extra treat for braving the snow. When I went to pay I realized I had no credit card. I instantly knew that it was sitting on the counter at home. Well, this trip wasn't going to be for nothing so I trudged back home to get it. I took photos along the way just so you could feel my pain and see how enormous the snowbanks are. They come up to my chest. Almost to my shoulders, actually. I measured.

At home I grabbed my credit card and my car keys. Cold and angry engine or not, I was not walking back to that store. When I got back I added yet another jug of Tropicana to my purchase. You know what I'm going to do with it, don't you. I'm gonna spike the whole damn thing and sleep off this cold. It's 2013 now - go big or go home, right?

Now, if you'll excuse me I have to go blow my nose again. And possibly drink some more orange juice.

UPDATE: It's still snowing. However, I've turned a corner and feel almost human again. And you can stop filling out my AA application. I didn't spike the carton of orange juice. Just a glass of it.

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