Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wedded Bliss.

On this day, thirty five years ago, it was snowing something awful. Chicago was being punished by one of the worst storms of the winter. That's just the forecast that every bride hopes to hear on her wedding day, right?

My poor mom, that couldn't have been easy to wake up to on the morning of her nuptials. She's swears she didn't care and that she just wanted to get married, but I'm not convinced.

The wedding went on despite the weather and the snowed-in/missing groomsman. Nothing was going to stop the long sleeve white polyester wedding gown, the fantastic 70's tuxedos with diagonal striped wide ties, and the $35 emerald green polyester bridesmaid dresses from coming down that church isle.

How do I not have a photo of their wedding glory? It's priceless.

It was also my dad's 24th birthday. He had promised himself that he wouldn't get married until his twenty third year was over. By the ripe ole age of 24 he had already backpacked Europe, graduated from business school, landed his first real job and popped the question. He was ready to get married on his birthday.

Fast forward to right now. Just a few years older and many years wiser, they're off enjoying a quick trip to San Francisco in celebration of the occasion.

And, they'd like to point out, the weather is perfect.

Also, no one is wearing polyester.

Happy Anniversary! and Happy, Happy Birthday!

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