Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weekend Highlights.

I think it's safe to say that I was successful in my search for fun this weekend.

I had a friend in college who was a nursing student. We'd taken a biology course together and got to know each other in lab. Nursing students notoriously get their little butts kicked and since I required 20 hours of studying a day, we both spent lots of time in the library. One day we were just outside of the library's Starbucks. I remember I had a delightfully warm caramel macchiato in one hand and a bag of banana chips in the other. Misty and I were chatting and catching up. You know, comparing classes and professors, discussing which apartment complex was the best and discussing the latest gossip. I asked her what her plans were for the weekend and her answer blew me away. I remember it clear as day. In her very sweet and very Southern drawl, Misty said, "You know, I'm not really sure. But I want to do something fun. I'm trying really hard to do at least one fun thing a week."

Well, this was a new concept for me. Despite the insane amount of hours I logged in that library and despite the insane amount of stress I put myself under, I never once lacked fun in my life. I know nursing school is intense, but this was a whole new level. All I could think was that was the saddest goal I'd ever heard. She was lucky that I didn't dump her books on the floor and drag her to the nearest bar for a night on the town.

Misty's comment has always stuck with me. It's funny the random comments that you remember. 

While I would never say that TC and I lack fun in our lives, we have been a bit lazy lately. School and work and sickness and winter were starting to take their toll.  But we fought back last weekend and we did it again this weekend.

TC went skiing, I made a chocolate pie, the dogs knocked my pound cake off the counter and ate the whole thing, we had a winter BBQ with our friends, we went out for Indian, we went out for breakfast, I went to the gym (holla!), I made jalapeno cornbread, TC threw snowballs at me and we finished with a walk in the woods. And then a u-bake pizza exploded in the oven.

Not bad for a winter weekend. I'm ready for the week now - it's going to be a good one.

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