Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dinosaurs for Valentine's Day.

I wore a light pink shirt and a dark pink scarf to work today. I wasn't even thinking about it. Towards the end of the day I mentioned to my students that I should have saved today's outfit for tomorrow.

knock, knock. anyone home? 

Not one of them made the connection that my pink ensemble should have been saved for Valentine's Day. Not one of them. They're teenagers, surely they're aware of the holiday, right?

I've never been one to decorate for Valentine's Day. Or wear pink and red, for that matter.

But the other day I had this sudden urge to string hearts around the kitchen. TC was off skiing and it just seemed like a cute thing to do.

It took me approximately three minutes and a ten seconds to cut out seven hearts, punch seven holes and tie seven pieces of yarn to the pot rack.

That's nothing if it's not love.

I also really went above and beyond for my favorite guy this week. Motivated by a message from a dear friend, I wrote out five notes for TC. Each note listed one of the top five reasons that he's my favorite. Briefly I considered being funny but ended up taking the cheesy-lovey-dovey route because deep down TC's a pretty sappy guy. Just don't tell him that I told you so.

I attached the notes to little treats and have been hiding them in his bag every morning. The treats are pretty extravagant - only the best stuff I could find at the grocery store. I'm that kindda gal.

The little treat today was the best of the week. I went all out and ventured to the dollar store for the sole purpose of tracking it down. I saw one the other day and have kind of been obsessing over it ever since.

What is it? A dinosaur egg. Obviously. After sitting in water for a day the egg begins to crack and over the next few days a baby dino hatches. First, he pokes his head out of the shell. Then he yells ROAR! Well, he doesn't actually roar, but he does keep growing until his egg completely cracks. He's super cute too.

Upon opening it, TC emailed me and said he can't wait to meet his new friend when it hatches. Then he said, and I quote, "I bet it will look just like you!"


See if I ever buy him a dinosaur again.


Makes me laugh every time.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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