Monday, February 4, 2013

So Far, So Good.

I'm currently taking a break from revamping what my sophomore science class will be tackling tomorrow. The topic is weather. My nemesis. Not only because I am certainly no meteorologist, but also because it has been snowing all day, is supposed to continue snowing throughout the night and it still won't be enough to cancel school tomorrow.


Teaching has highs and lows. There are days where you feel like you're on fire. The kids are listening, they're interested and you're rockin' it. Then there are days where you've somehow missed the mark.

Even though I ate my apple, Thursday was rough. I was nervous and a little bit overly excited. I talked at warp speed, cracked bad jokes and sweat profusely.

Friday was better. Much better. I trusted the kids to stay with me for the times that I took a second to catch my breath. I spoke at a normal pace and managed to not sweat through the back of my shirt.

Surprisingly, they didn't revolt. Or eat me alive. Nor did they fall asleep or play on their phones the entire time.

I'll take that as a small victory.

After losing sleep and worrying myself sick over my Thursday performance, I finally worked up the courage to ask my supervising teacher what he was thinking on Friday. "Was that okay?" I asked. "Are you going to fire me as a student teacher now?"

No, he told me. He laughed, rolled his eyes and said that I was doing great. Then, attempting to use his most serious tone, he ordered me to go home and enjoy my weekend.

So I did.


Note: Pikachu the Chinchilla is our classroom mascot that we're watching while his owner is away for a few months. He'd be cuter if he didn't poop so much.

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  1. Teaching was the best job I ever had! I remember my first days like you are going through. It will get better and be fantastic!!!
    I am going to share my "everybody needs a break" trick!
    The first Monday of every month, I declared "Joke & Talent" day. So long as the kids could entertain me with clean, politically correct jokes or an amusing talent, we would not start class. The first time we did it, they burned the whole class! Over time it boiled down to be about 15 minutes of class time each month, but was always a big hit! I'm just sayin".