Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Scenes.

When I'm overwhelmed, I procrastinate. When something is hard, when something is making my brain hurt, I procrastinate.

Welcome to my Sunday.

This is the scene I'm avoiding. Its pretty enough with the flowers, but lurking in that computer is a mountain of work that is turning my brain into scrambled eggs.

Speaking of which, I made pancakes for breakfast. Simply because the act of taking off my pajamas and putting on shoes was simply too much this morning. We're almost out of maple syrup so it's a good thing that syrup season is almost here. I'll be stocking up when we head to the local sugar shack next month.

I also noticed our icicle collection is coming along nicely. In my opinion, icicles are good because they mean that the temperatures rose enough to start the thawing process. On the other hand, its still cold enough to have icicles. But I think at this point we've seen the worst of winter.

Briefly, I considered cutting down my Valentine's hearts. Then I decided I loved their color and cheerfulness enough that I'd take more photos of them and leave them up for the remainder of February.

Let's be honest, I'll be doing well if I take them down by Thanksgiving.

Instead of dealing with a return and getting a refund on my new favorite (but broken) necklace, TC worked his superglue magic and fixed the loose pearl. Actually, he did this last night while we were at Carla's for raclette because she had superglue and we didn't.

'Hi! Thanks for having us. I brought wine and cheese! By the way, can I borrow your superglue?' 

Classy, no?

My last bit of procrastination involved finally popping in the magnets to these cute polaroid frames and trimming down my all time favorite instagram pic. Refrigerator happiness right when I walk in the back door!

Do you ever think it would be nice, for just like an hour or so, to trade lives with your dog? Don't get my wrong, no matter how scrambled my brain is, I would never want a dog's life - my life is way too much fun. But nonetheless, it might be nice to not even know what the word 'procrastinate' means or be able to differentiate between Sundays and Mondays.

Oh yeah, the baby dino finally hatched. After some googling, I've determined he's a parasaurolophus, which are plant eaters, giant weenies and the most vocal of the dinosaurs. Sounds like my kind of pet.

Murphy hopes you have a wonderful week!

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  1. I often would like to trade lives with my cat. Not a care in the world. BUt she has horrible breath because she's old. So I wouldn't like that.