Thursday, December 6, 2012

Gift Guide: They Didn't Know They Wanted It.

I don't know if you remember, but last year my friend Sally and I shared with you our brilliant gift guide. It was filled with some of our favorite things that we think most people would want - even if they don't know it!

This year, we've brainstormed again to put together another list of great ideas. If none of these are exactly what you're looking for than maybe they'll at least spark an idea in your head for the perfect present. Either way, if you're not done with your shopping, I hope this takes you one step closer.

To make life easier, I've put a direct link to the item in purple. Enjoy!

Nora Fleming Plates and Minis. This is a brilliant concept - choose a plate or bowl and then embellish it with whichever cute mini fits the occasion. They've got starfish, cupcakes, footballs, Santa hat, baby blocks and tons more. Perfect for parties and get-togethers.

Sea Bags. Love them. Love them. Love them. They're hand made in Maine from recycled sails. They're sturdy, functional and so cute. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes - big totes to a change purse to curtains and place mats!

Kate Spade Idiom Bangles. These bangles come in lots of colors and even a pattern or two. They can be worn alone or piled up. 

Dear Santa, I would like one of each. 

Depending on the design, priced from $32-$48 each.

Scarves. You can't go wrong. Aldo, J.Crew, Gap...anywhere really.

Drink Dispenser. I only use mine a few times a year, but when I use it - I use it. You can find them in several stores like Target, Pier 1 or Pottery Barn. Its perfect gift for a hostess!

Range from $25-$80

Over the ear headphones. It's the hipster in me, I guess. I want a pair sooooo bad. Perfect for plane rides or listening to tunes while working at your computer. Anyone who logs hours in either of these situations needs a pair - whether they know it or not.

Skull Candy will run you $30, but Beats by Dre will hurt a little more at $200.

50mm 1.8 Camera Lens. I feel like everyone has a fancy DSLR camera now. It probably came with a stock lens and they're enjoying it. This lens is hands down the best (and least) money you can spend to see major improvement and also have a lot of fun with. You know all the pretty photos people take with the background blurred out? This is how you do it.

The least expensive lens in town at $125. On sale now for $110.

Cute and fun, this metal chalkboard and magnetic heart is just plain awesome. It's big too - like 15 inches across! Perfect for the house.

A total steal at $14!!

Fabulous Sephora OPI Nail Polish Set. Don't let the Disney theme scare you. This collection is for all ages. This is Cinderella but the next one is Jasmine! It was all I could do not to buy it for myself last week. 

Reasonably priced at $25

Hilarious T-Shirts. Check out or I think this tee would be appropriate on most of us.

Depending, range from $10-$30

Fun Colored Sunglasses. Like these, from Faded Days. Who doesn't like a fabulous pair of sunglasses in a really fun color?

Depending on your color, priced from $16-28 per pair

Donut Maker by BabyCakes. How fun?! I want one. Sunbeam at Target makes a cute one too. There are also whoopie pie and cake pop makers. Every baker's dream! 

Reasonably priced at $25

Umbra Snap Frames. Finally, just because they're so much fun. They can stand alone, hang from the wall or have a magnet for the refrigerator. So much fun for Instagram photos!

Pack of 2 - $8, Pack of 9 - $25

Happy Shopping!

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