Sunday, December 2, 2012

Weekend Highlights.

It was a really busy weekend. A busy and awesome weekend, to be exact. I don't know why I only have three photos to show for it. I must have been too busy having fun.

Saturday morning we checked off the first item on my winter bucket list. More on that tomorrow...

Saturday night we had a couple of birthdays to celebrate so we all went out to dinner and then to a concert. It was me, my friends and Jackson's moustache. Apparently someone is enjoying Movember a little too much.

Today I baked about eight million cookies and then went to my first ever Christmas cookie exchange. Not only did I come home with enough cookies to keep TC happy for at least a week, but I scored three new awesome recipes out of it. Even though a cookie exchange makes me feel like an old lady, it is a pretty brilliant idea. I owe many thanks to my dear friend Carla for letting me tag along.

Now, if you'll excuse me, my circle photos and I are in a bit of a cookie coma. The sofa is calling my name.

I hope your December got off to a good start this weekend!

No need to be jealous of my awesome circle photos. You can have them too! Just download the Afterglow app and choose the circle border. They've got great filters as well. From there, you can upload your photo to Facebook and Instagram. Enjoy!

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