Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Winter Bucket List.

The bucket list I made for this fall went pretty well. I can't say that I checked off every single item, but I got pretty close. As it turns out, raking leaves isn't really that much fun.

Since we had our first bit of snow and, more importantly, our first snow day at work this week I think it is safe to say winter is here. Let's be honest, even without the snow it was -16 degrees this morning and it is completely dark at 4:45pm - winter is definitely here.

One of the secrets to surviving a Canadian winter is to have a really great jacket. And a great pair of boots. The other secret, the one that no one likes to admit, is to embrace winter and find a way to make the cold worth it.

This is no easy feat. This year, armed with a brand new pair of snow pants, I'm going to give this whole "embracing winter" thing another try.

This bucket list may seem like some pretty basic stuff. Sledding? Ice Skating? Shockingly, they have both managed to elude me the previous two winters. In fact, the only things on this bucket list that I've done in Canada are cross country skiing and snowshoeing. Oh, and having a fire. I'll admit that ice fishing is a bit ambitious, but I might as well go big, right?

What's on your winter bucket list?

Did I miss anything?

UPDATE: Yes. Yes, I did miss a few things.

  • Loose 10 pounds
  • Drape Christmas lights over Hobie and get a really awesome picture
  • Find and purchase the perfect brown boots. I know they're out there somewhere...

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  1. Ahhhhh Pumpkin!
    Great bucket List!
    It's only cold outside if you are a couch potato!
    Excellent outdoor adventure!