Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Stocking Stuffer.

My tree is up. Even better, its decorated. Last year I had ornaments hanging from the windows and messages of Joy! and Peace! sitting on the mantle. I didn't get around to all that fun stuff this year. I just didn't.

The truth is that I've been miserably sick with the world's worst sinus infection for the past few weeks. That, combined with working full time and taking a full load of online classes, has essentially wiped out my energy supplies. Decorating just hasn't been a huge priority. Hell, I haven't even been able to get dinner on the table.

But my tree has been up for weeks. Christmas trees make me feel good. I love the Normal Rockwell look of our mismatched ornaments, our colorful lights and the random purple star that sits on top. I just love it.

I got home later than usual from work today. My house was a mess when I walked in the door. Yet another victim of my sinusitis. Since I'm finally feeling a bit better I went to work with the vacuum. Clean houses make me feel like I'm in control of my life. Dirty houses...well, they make me feel like a mess. Plus, I had a big paper looming over my head and everyone knows that cleaning is the best way to procrastinate when there is homework to be done. I'm pretty sure we all learned that lesson in college. 

It didn't take too long, but I got my dishes put away, my living room picked up and my floors vacuumed. With a cup of green tea in hand, I sat down to write my paper. 

It wasn't going well. I quickly hit a wall. I couldn't think and couldn't type one more word. 

Just then, I noticed it. 

Sitting directly across from me, right in my line of vision, was my stocking - full! It wasn't just flatly hanging there. No, it was full to the brim with mystery objects. I didn't have a clue what they were or where they came from. Suddenly, the suspense was killing me.

As it turns out, TC had to make a stop at Bed Bath and Beyond today to pick up something for work. The store just opened this week so he'd never been in before. As he walked through the isles he randomly decided to pick up tons of fun stocking stuffers for me. Delicious smelling soaps, gourmet pepper, a new pair of kitchen tongs and crazy STRAWS! 

"Well, you really like drinking out of straws," he said. 

Yes. Yes, I do. And this is why I love you. 

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