Sunday, April 7, 2013

Birthday Weekend Shenanigans.

TC and one of his best friends are lucky enough to celebrate their birthdays within two days of each other. This works out well because we get to have a double birthday celebration every year. 

After painstakingly hanging twenty-some balloons, TC walked in the house and immediately started hitting all of them. He said it was a guy thing and that he could promise that they would all by down by the end of the day. 

Somehow, it has become Tyler's job to come up with an obscure cake flavor for me to make every year. About an hour into my baking extravaganza I decided to bust out my DJ-style headphones and have my own party in the kitchen. 

Truly, I can't even explain how much fun I had. I was dancing and singing like no one was watching, even though TC was just a room away. 

Tyler requested a blueberry cake this year and I aim to please - thus, a blueberry frosted white cake was born. 

It was delicious. Not one crumb went uneaten. 

We take birthdays seriously in this house so all of our friends were invited over for a party. And you know that no party is a success unless the fire department shows up. 

We didn't start a fire, but it just so happens that one of our closest friends is a fire fighter. He happened to be in between emergency calls, so his fire engine pulled up outside. We all ran to the window, fighting for the best view. We excitedly pointed and ohhhed and ahhhed like a bunch of elementary school kids.

We had grand plans to do some bowling, but that was thwarted when TC opened a birthday present. 

In keeping up with our elementary school theme, the boys spent the rest of the evening learning how to fly the remote controlled helicopter inside the house.

I feel that I'm going to have to repaint all my walls in the very near future.

We woke up this morning to open a few more presents.

A remote controlled sailboat kit! Just what every sailor needs.

That's not exactly where I envisioned the wood bicycle living, but it was his birthday so I let it slide for the day.

The headphones came back out this afternoon as I set out to make one more birthday cake for TC's family dinner. It's the same cake I've made the past three years. The idea is to have fourteen layers, but that's never happened. The first year there were thirteen. There were ten layers last year and eleven this year.

Our niece puffed up her little cheeks and helped Uncle TC blow out his candles. I forgot to bring candles so my mother-in-law scrounged up what she had. Our best guess is that the 5 candle was left over from TC's birthday thirty years ago.

Two birthdays, two cakes, one party, a helicopter and a fire fighter visit later, I'd say birthday weekend was a success.

And if anyone happens to know someone that needs a helicopter in their life, this one is awesome. It's a Blade mQX. My mom had my uncle, who happens to be a pilot, find a good one. He bought the same one for himself and is currently driving my aunt crazy with it too.

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  1. Oh no! My hubby is on to the RC helicopters too and they're constantly buzzing even my 19 mo old son has to carry one around all day with "wee-eeee" sounds to accompany it!

    Just found your blog today and enjoying your posts!