Thursday, April 4, 2013

Three Years!

Today marks three years that TC and I have been married. I was pretty sure that it was three years, but TC thought it may have been four years so we double checked the math.

Yup, it's been three years.

It's funny how you can loose track of time like that. In some ways it feels like we just got married yesterday. In other ways it feels like we've been married for decades. 

We got married on Easter weekend, which was only four short months after our engagement. 

Just a few months before our wedding, in October, TC was supposed to come down to Florida for a visit. But then things got messed up, as they always do, and he had to postpone his trip. 

He rescheduled for November. As promised, he showed up at the Orlando airport on a Thursday. The next day I couldn't take off work so I left him to fend for himself. Since his arrival he had been acting funny, not eating and didn't seem to be having fun at all. I figured maybe he was overwhelmed and just needed some time to himself.

That day he came in to see my classroom. I was sure that he was so unimpressed with my teaching skills that he was most definitely going to break up with me. I couldn't think of any other reason that he would have flown all the way across North America just to act like a total weirdo. It made perfect sense. 

I knew it - he was there to end our relationship. No doubt in my mind.

He took my car for the remainder of the day to visit some friends around town. I spent the rest of the day half teaching and half worrying about what I was going to say when he broke up with me. I tried to mentally prepare myself.

Well, imagine my surprise when we get back to my house and instead of breaking up with me he proposed! I about died right there on my back porch.

It was the most perfect moment ever. 

The details are somewhat blurry, but I remember being so happy and feeling so loved. Somewhere in the proposal he mentioned something about having to make big decisions, which I assume was in reference to choosing a country to live in. I knew that was important, but all that I really cared about was finally knowing that he wanted to marry me. Compared to that, everything else was just small details.

So, here we are three years later. All is well and we couldn't be happier. We still manage to act like newly-weds and an old married couple all at the same time. I think that may be the key to a happy marriage.

As exciting as an anniversary is (AND IT IS EXCITING!) it also kicks off TC's birthday week. 

I spent some time wrapping presents for him today and planning out a fun get-together with our friends this weekend. Get your socks ready kids, we're going bowling!

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  1. Lol (Laughing out loud AND lots of love!)