Monday, April 1, 2013

The Long Weekend Thus Far.

It's a four day vacation for us and we've had a house guest for the weekend. We're watching TC's sister's dog while she and her husband are enjoying a trip to the beach.

I imagine that Dylan is completely exhausted by now, as he has been in constant motion since he arrived. It appears that his goal is to push the limits of my sanity to the max. And he's doing a good job of it too. Don't be fooled by his cuteness and laying down on the bed. It was the only time it happened, which is why I snapped the photo.

Also, TC's eleven year old jade plant has been blowing my mind every morning when I wake up, right around 9am. The sun hits it at such a perfect angle, that I just stop and stare for a moment.

After hanging simple pink hearts for Valentine's Day, I was missing the color they brought to the kitchen. So I got creative and hung some pastel eggs from sparkly twine. They were adorable and cheery and perfectly non-perfectly asymmetrical until a group of boys attacked my kitchen on Friday night. With whiskey and beers in their hands, they flicked, flung and spun each egg until all that was left was a giant knot.

Thank you for that boys, I hope you enjoyed yourselves while the rest of us behaved ourselves in the living room.

In an effort to keep these crazy animals from taking over the world, TC and I have been going straight from our pajamas to our running shoes every morning. This morning I told him that maybe when we're older we can be that happy couple that starts every morning with a walk together. He nodded, smiled and said, "Well, I kindda wanted to be that old man that just sits around and drinks whiskey and reads the paper, but I guess I can walk too."

And that my friends, is how we've survived three years of wedded bliss. Compromise.

Last night was not technically our anniversary, it's really on Wednesday, but we did get married the day before Easter so last night was kindda/sortta our anniversary. Enough so that we used it as an excuse to go out for a delicious Indian dinner. Which of course resulted in Dylan having another anxiety induced bowel explosion in my dining room. So that was a fun way to end the night....

Either way, we started our Easter with a walk to our favorite diner for breakfast. It's not exactly warm, but the sun is shining, most of the snow has turned to mud and the temperatures have been above freezing for several days, which is what we call spring here in Canada.

Jean's Diner is full of hysterical photos of old time country-western bands that are so fabulous. You couldn't design this stuff if you tried.

For the second time this weekend, I ate way too much greasy goodness, which is why...

I've been hanging out at a new-to-me gym that is smack-dab in the middle of downtown. Ironically, right next to a tobacco shop where smokers and the occasional bums tend to hang out. Either way, its a fabulous gym and I am back on the fitness wagon. The Easter bunny came to our house last night, but I am not giving into the chocolate egg temptation. No. No. No, I am not.

We happened to have our traditional Easter meal last weekend. Tonight we indulged in delicious seafood alfredo with TC's family, that is of course, after spending some quality grandpa-granddaughter time on the iPad.

How is it that iPads have seemingly replaced playing in the snow? Oh right, they haven't. Snowballs are still as much fun for my niece as they were for me. Especially when the snowballs are being thrown at yours truly.


Newsflash: I finally mustered the courage to write the "About" page. Check it out!

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