Wednesday, April 10, 2013

If We Were Having A Glass Of Wine...

Tonight is Wednesday, which means I just got home from my weekly girls night. We meet at a cute little hole in the wall called the Laundromat.

You guessed it, the place used to be full of washers and dryers but now serves a full bar and good brews. Not to mention, our Wednesday night bartender is great. He knows us by name and what we each drink. Beer for Annie, white wine for Jaclyn, beer for Ashley, red wine for me and a dish of salty cheese for the table. I look forward to hump day every week.

We chat about everything and nothing all at the same time. But, if I could dominate conversation, here's what I would tell you.

I got one of the best notes I've ever received from a student this week. Not because it was cute or sweet, but because it was ridiculous. Suffice to say that it involved the words, "im sorry i hide ur lunch in the ceiling."

Yes, middle school boys are hilarious and think it is funny to hide watermelon in the ceiling tiles.

Please remember that I work with behaviorally challenged children.

I got a new pair of cheap sunglasses this week. They're way more fashionable than I am, but I love them so much. They make me feel fun and free. Which, obviously, is the best feeling in the world.

I'm desperately trying to lose my winter weight. Every spring I seem to find myself in this same position. Maybe one day I'll learn not to gain twenty pounds every winter. Until then, I'm enjoying a lovely lunch of pineapple every day (that is, on the days it doesn't get shoved in the ceiling) and busting my tail at the gym every night.

You know you've reached a new low when a student asks if you're pregnant....and you're only preggo with a birthday cake baby.

The rowing machine? It's my new best friend.

TC? Are you there? I miss hanging out on the couch with you. 

Also, I'm in the middle of revamping my resume. It's been collecting dust for several years now and the revision process is about as fun as a colonoscopy. Not that I've ever had a colonoscopy, but I imagine they're about the same level.

On the sunnier side, we're heading to the maple sugar shack this weekend. I'm desperately in need of some time in the woods with my favorite people. It's like our annual pilgrimage for sugar.

It's a safe bet that I'll be rocking my new sunglasses.

I also just finished reading Bloom, which is a fabulously written book about a mother who's baby was born with a small surprise - an extra chromosome! Children with Down's Syndrome are so amazing. The book was a great read. The mom, Kelle Hampton, has an amazing blog that you can see here. It's called Enjoying the Small Things.

I love my Why Not Wednesdays, which is the official name for our evenings. I always bring a treat from the bar home for TC to make up for my absence.

And while I savor every minute of talking about whatever is going on in our lives, my favorite part is that it is with a group of friends that I have found all on my own. If you've ever moved to a new city, you know what I'm talking about. The friends I've made through TC are the best. Seriously, they are. But there is something about having a group of friends that have been found independently. They're also the best.

Good Lord, I'm one lucky girl.

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