Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Canadian's Masterpiece.

Look what The Canadian made at work on Friday! I'm so proud of him. I think he just might pass 2nd grade art this year. Fingers crossed.

This is what happens when your husband goes to an art seminar for the day. He learned all about colors and textures and cutting and ripping and glueing too. It was a big day for him. Emotionally, I think it took a lot out of him. Channeling your creative genius isn't easy, ya know.

It's so realistic that you can barely tell the tissue paper leaves from the real leaves on the deck. I'm so proud of my little artist.

He walked in the door on Friday afternoon, held out his work and proudly announced, "Here honey! I made you something!" It was very cute but I had to do a quick reality check and make sure I was looking at my 33 year old husband and not my nonexistent 8 year old child. 

Which begs the question, what do you do with your kid's husband's prized artwork? Especially the 3D type? I can't just hang it on the refrigerator, it'll poke someone in the eye. This is new to me. I don't have kids, so fun art work just does not come into my house everyday. I can't bring myself to throw it away either, it's too cute! So what happens to all the art kids bring home? All you parents out there, how do you handle this? I feel like I would end up with every ounce of wall space covered in finger paintings and paper mache. I'm such a sucker for arts and crafts.

I guess it will just keep sitting on my counter until the tree finally gets ruined. Surely at some point this week cake batter or spaghetti sauce or Hobie drool will land on it. Until then I'll just keep looking at it and silently singing, Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the yellow brick road...we're off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz... (go ahead, sing along)

Yes, I know it's a green road. 

The wires are crossed in my brain. 

In my defense, there is no song about a green road.


Workout: (I'm sick. It's a miracle I made it out of the house. I felt like maybe I could sweat out some of my cold. It didn't work.) Cardio - 45 minutes (Ocean's 11 was on. I got sucked in.) Other - squats with bicep curls, lunges with shoulder press, crunches on the ball, jumprope, push-ups with feet on the ball, side planks


  1. Haha, this made me laugh out loud! Too funny, and totally looks like something my hub would make! I have an 11 month old, so we don't have any artwork yet. And besides, I wouldn't even know what to do with 3d artwork!

  2. omg I about died reading this. Soo funny.