Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Trip to the Mall.

The tailor is my new best friend. Recently I decided I was sick of walking around on all my pant legs at work. Even though I almost exclusively wear flats to work, I never hem  my dress pants. Surely one of these days I'll go back to a lifestyle where I need dress pants that go with my highest heels...or not. As it turns out, I don't lead that kind of life. I wear jeans. And even if I did, you'd have to be a fool to wear heels around here in the winter. Finally admitting this to myself, I decided to take in some of my pants to be hemmed. Thus, I went to the mall to find the tailor. I liked my new properly fitting pants so much that I took in another pair. Then another when I picked up the previous pair. It's a vicious cycle.

Anyway, I picked up my final alterations load today. Which required yet another trip to the mall. I hate the mall. Actually, I hate the parking lot. And I hate how much time and money I can waste in one place. And by hate, I mean love. You get the point. 

Canadian malls are not like typical American malls. The stores aren't the same. No Banana, no J.Crew, no Victoria Secret. We do have Gap and H&M. But we also have the grocery store and WalMart in place of where the department stores would be in an American mall. Close your eyes and imagine the Bloomingdale's sign morphing into WalMart. Nice, isn't it?

I treated myself to a fun new scarf. Because I'm uncool and unfashionable, my collection only consisted of purple, black, brown and cream. Until today. Now I have a new obsession. I love it so much that I'm basing tomorrow's entire outfit around this fun print. Feel free to fill my Christmas stocking with colorful scarves. 

tap. tap. is this thing on? Mom? Marissa? are you listenting?

Pretending it was Bloomy's I wandered into WalMart. For  the record, I hate WalMart more than I hate the parking lot. Despite this I managed to procure an amazing new jumbo sized cupcake pan. Right, because my thighs need more cupcakes in their lives. This photo doesn't do it justice. It just looks like a normal cupcake size. Trust me when I tell you it is not. Man, now I'm going to have to whip up a batch tomorrow just to prove my point.

Is anyone else completely dependent on Bath and Body Works Wallflowers? No? Well, I am. Of course, my house constantly smells like gross Newfoundland dog. I bet yours doesn't. Thats because you were smart enough to get a non-gross dog. Now my house smells like a lovely mix of gross dog and Salted Carmel. Yum.

Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. Check. 

I'm sooooo American.

First of all, stop staring at my awesome legs. Second, stop staring at my awesome rolled up khakis. Focus on the task at hand. Which pair of boots are less hideous? Pick your poison -- Manly or Native American?

I know they're not the most attractive boots in the world but completely waterproof, super warm boots are a must for this winter. Frankly, it's a miracle I survived last winter without them. Like it or not, the snow is right around the corner. Until you have to stand outside at recess, in deep snow and slush, for 45 minutes everyday or until you spend a day running errands in a blizzard or shoveling your driveway for two hours, you don't get to judge my boots. Serious winters require serious boots.

Both are completely waterproof and lined with fleece and other warm material. I could only wear them in the store for a minute before I started sweating. I think I like the gray and black the best. It doesn't seem as if they're trying to hide their functionality. The black ones are trying to be cute. And it's not working. Plus, the black and gray kind of remind me of Crocs. I don't know why I think that is a good thing... 


Are you jealous of the fun things I found at our awesome mall? 


Workout - nothing. i'm sick. shopping wore me out. don't judge. 


  1. Oh I can't imagine adjusting to a totally new country like that! I really, really like those boots! I live on a farm and we still work alot outside in the winter, and I can never find a good, warm, waterproof pair of boots. What brand are those?

  2. 1. I'm listening and will fill your stocking with scarves and smelly plugin things
    2. I like the grey boots better.

  3. I'm all about the black boots...
    And here's a $ saving tip for you...when that scented wall flower goes out, buy some scented oil (like where the potpourri is) fill the about half full of oil and half full of water...cheaper than buying re-fills!

  4. I vote black boots!
    Here is a $ saving tip for you with those wall flower things~ when it is empty, buy some scented oil (with the potporri) and fill half the flower with oil and half with water. Soo much cheaper than buying refills.