Monday, June 4, 2012

Birthday Party.

This is how the birthday party ended. Very happy and way to full of wine, cake and delicious food.

Let's back up. 

To celebrate Christina's, Julie's and my birthday we had a small party this past Friday night. Our little soiree began sitting on Carla's porch. The weather finally was working in our favor and eight of us enjoyed a pre-dinner drink and some lively conversation.

Actually, there were nine of us. Little Miss likes a good party as much as she likes smiling with all of her teeth showing. 

I just so happened to have bubbles in the car that I thought Little Miss would enjoy playing with. She did enjoy them too.  Then The Canadian totally hijacked the bubbles and spent the next hour spilling the bubbles and occasionally blowing bubbles for Little Miss to try and catch.

Being the great host that he is, Tyler manned the grill so the three birthday girls could enjoy our birthday wine uninterrupted.

He grilled up some asparagus, potatoes and an array of meats. It was BYOM so we bombarded the poor guy with everything from chicken to pork chops to steak to salmon. 

Basically, the plan was keep the boys busy on the grill (or with bubbles, as it turns out) so us ladies could sneak in a few extra sips of wine without their judgement.

Of course dinner was delicious but the cake that followed was really the highlight. Carla out did herself.   We all made sure to clean our plates so there would be enough food in our bellies to counter copious amounts of wine if need be.

For a while we sat around on the porch, just hanging out, talking about nothing in particular.

But then Carla got the genius idea to whip up some fruity shots for the girls. I have logged my fair share of hours behind the bar and have a pretty solid grasp on shot-making 101. But this was something I've never ever heard of - banana liquor, white chocolate vodka and a splash of milk. I don't even remember what it was called. Crunch something?  Dear Lord, it was delicious.

So delicious, in fact, that we had several rounds of them. We only stopped when the white chocolate ran out. I couldn't decide if I should cry out of disappointment in our liquor shortage or in happiness that my liver was going to see another day.

As you can imagine, it went downhill from there and our good times turned into great times. Hence the photo at the top. 

I've loved every birthday that I have spent on America soil, but I gotta tell you, Canadians sure know how to celebrate a birthday too.

Cheers! To another great year!

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