Friday, June 22, 2012


Someone got in a fight with a skunk tonight. And lost.

Can you guess who it was?

It wasn't this nice paddler.

It wasn't this sweet sailor.

It wasn't any of these nice counselors.

It wasn't any of these neon ladies.

It WAS a big black and white dog who likes to sleep right next to me.

She ran off into the woods tonight and got into a little scuffle. After a second she trotted back over to me with her tail was nice and proud, wagging back and forth. It was as if she was awfully proud of how she defended me against some rabid animal. 

I wondered what animal she had taken off after - and then the unmistakable smell wafted over to me.

Anyone want to dog sit for the summer? I'll throw in a bottle of Febreeze.

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