Friday, November 30, 2012

Such A Good Day.

All of the sudden the holidays are upon us. Last night I had a mini-pre-Christmas anxiety attack and decided that if I didn't come up with the most amazing gifts and order them RIGHT NOW than Christmas would essentially be ruined. Alas, I was up until all hours of the night and made very little progress for all my effort.

Like everyone else, things are busy. I love the holidays so much. So much. But it is a little overwhelming if I think about it all at once. I want to make an advent calendar, bake perfect Christmas cookies, wrap all of my presents in beautiful burlap with perfect bows and then go hang a gorgeous homemade wreath on my front door for all to see.

None of that is going to happen. None of it.

I've accepted this.

What I can do, is take one day at a time and even find some time to enjoy myself. This would be the complete opposite of my usual rushing around like a mad woman. Between work and school and life, I seem to be running short of down time.

But today.

Today, I re-prioritized.

My wonderful mom called up a local salon and set up a pedicure for me. Please understand that pedicures are far and few between in these parts because they are only available at fancy salons. This was a glorious treat.

Since I was on that side of town, I even ventured over to our brand new Starbucks for a quick pick-me-up.

I didn't think the day could get better at this point. But then TC emailed me and asked if we could go out to dinner. He said that he needed something to look forward to since his day was dragging.

I wrote back and told him that I had salmon sitting in the refrigerator, so, no. However, we could eat on our fine china and sip wine from crystal stemware. We could even light candles and put on some jazz. Maybe, I said, if we squint hard enough our dining room will look like a fancy restaurant.

And you know what? It kind of did.

Who says you can't break out your fine china for no apparent reason on a random Thursday night while wearing your gym clothes?

Give it a try.

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