Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I Saw Santa! Can I Get My Tree Now?

There are several things that I love about our town. Chief among them is our Santa Parade that always falls on the weekend of American Thanksgiving. It must be Canada's way of kicking off the holiday season.

I've never lived in a town that has it's very own Santa Parade. It's such a wonderful community event. People of all ages come out to see the almost 200 floats that parade down Main Street. The floats are mostly homemade. There are decorated antique cars, horses dressed as reindeer, rescue dogs from the shelter, local businesses build floats and all the schools participate too.

I've been to the parade every year so far and always enjoy it with a nice hot cup of hot chocolate. My first year, big huge white snowflakes fell from the sky for the entire parade. Annie and I trudged home, shin deep in snow that year while we laughed as all the cars slid around the roads.

This year, even though we did see approximately seven tiny snow flurries fall, I barely had to button my fall coat. Oh, I still drank hot chocolate, but not because the temperatures required it. Now it just seems to be part of the tradition.

TC and I met Carla, Tyler and their little one down on Main Street for the beginning of the parade. While they went home early to put the little one to bed, TC and I stayed on waiting to see my favorite guy in red.

I can't help it - the atmosphere turned me into a kid again and I was beside myself with excitement as the parade got closer to the end. I knew Santa was just around the corner.

I just love how the holiday season suddenly started this past weekend - just like that, we went from Thanksgiving one night to seeing Santa and his reindeer the next night.

Christmas party invitations are rolling in and I've really got to get started on my shopping list.

The best part? This weekend TC and I are going to a farm to cut down our own tree. Like, with a real saw!

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