Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I Swear We're Adults.

It's a big week, folks. The numbers are in and I now know that fifteen of our closest friends will officially be descending upon my dining room on Friday night. Including me and TC, that's seventeen bellies to fill with delicious Southern Thanksgiving fare. Yes, I know that it is a day late, but it's Canada - this is just a regular week for them and we all have to work on Thursday.

I went to the grocery store to do all my grocery shopping today. Except for the self-rising flour. I somehow looked at it, checked it off my list and didn't actually put it in my buggy.

I spent hours last night updating last year's Thanksgiving spreadsheet that carefully outlines each item on the menu with its ingredients, when it will be made, and what dish it will be cooked in and served on. You laugh, but I need five pie dishes and seven Pyrex dishes and only own a few of each - these things need to be coordinated in order to avoid mass meltdown.

Anyway, the pressure is on, yes. But I'm getting really excited now. Of course, the next few days will be busy but also so festive. I love the holidays and this weekend officially kicks everything off. Saturday night is the Santa parade, I'm making Christmas cookies next weekend and then the Christmas parties start the following weekend. I'm going to blink and Santa will be sliding down the chimney.

TC and I used to go out to dinner fairly regularly. In the past year my cooking has improved just enough that we are no longer forced to waste our money as often any more. In fact, it's been a while since we went out to dinner. But tonight we needed it. He needed a little pick-me-up and I needed some time completely away from my computer and my Thanksgiving spreadsheet.

Off we went to a local steak house with our gift certificates in hand. Like the mature adults we are, we both immediately dove for the cup of crayons that were sitting on the butcher paper table cloth. We spent the first few minutes sitting there quietly, both doodling away. Over drinks, we talked about our day, while we doodled some more. We talked about the upcoming festivities. Then, we talked about important things like our finances, our career paths and most importantly, our retirement. All while coloring like a couple of five year olds.

While this time of year is so much fun, it can get a little overwhelming. Our coloring date tonight was just what the doctor ordered.

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