Sunday, November 28, 2010

Case of the Disappearing Soap

I found this in the shower yesterday. What is it, you ask? It's soap. Or, what is left of the soap.

What could have possibly caused the soap to look like this? Did The Canadian do this?

Are those teeth marks? Are those claw marks? Hmmmm.....

Only one thing in my house could have cause this....

I bet she wears a black fur coat.

The soap has been disappearing for weeks now. About twice a week I will get into the shower just to immediately get out in search of soap. It vanishes.

But this scratched up mess is something new. My best guess is that Maple went in the shower for her daily lick-the-tub jaunt and found the soap was stuck. Undeterred, she did her best to dislodge the soap...and then gave up.

I know it was her - I would know those paw prints anywhere!

So, in addition to replacing the soap several times a week I also get to scrub the tub.

Anyone want a black lab/monster?

P.S I know licking the tub is bizarre. She's been doing it ever since she was tall enough to jump in...and I have NO idea how to stop it. Ideas? 

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