Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cupcake and It's Frosting

I thought I'd make some cupcakes. No real reason why. I kind of had a sweet tooth. I just felt like it.

Plus, I wanted to test out some fun little gadgets I got from my Grandpa but have never tried.

The fun little gadgets are frosting tips. My grandpa taught me how to use them when I was little, but as you can tell, I've forgotten. Clearly.

But go ahead and be impressed. I made the frosting. From scratch.

It's how I roll. 

I forced The Canadian (my husband) into trying a different tip and frosting some cupcakes.

Then I swore I would never tell his friends how I forced him (he volunteered) to spend his evening icing cupcakes.

He did a pretty good job, right? I was impressed.

Check out all the different tips. I don't even know where to begin...

I have no idea what shape you're supposed to use for what kind of...I don't even know...

This is going to take some practice.

I don't think there are enough hours at the gym to save me.

I thought I was being all creative and domestic-goddess-like by using food coloring to dye the frosting.

But my random squiggle decorating skills combined with the orangish pink color just made it look like a G.I. tract. Isn't that appetizing?

It's like your own personal anatomy lesson!

The Canadian is very proud of his pot rack and all the utensils that hang from it. I swear, I trust his handy skills...but I can't help but stay out from under it when I'm baking.

I just don't understand how it stays up there.

Oh, little pot rack, please don't fall on my head.

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