Tuesday, March 6, 2012

First Snowshoe of the Season.

Hopefully by now The Canadian and I are safely in Quebec, roaming the streets and enjoying our March Break. In my previous American life I would call this vacation Spring Break but since spring is no where in sight we just simply call it March Break since that actually makes sense.

Anyway, before our departure we ventured out for our first snowshoeing adventure of the season. Now that it's March I figured it was time to finally embrace winter. Let me tell you, snowshoeing is much more fun when there is no wind and the temperatures are above freezing. 

A little bit of coffee and Bailey's never hurt anything either.

Before we set out, TC had to put my snowshoes on my feet. I'm sure I could learn how to strap myself in, but it's much funnier to just stand there like a helpless kindergartner. 

We headed out with our friend Serge and the three dogs; Odin, Maple and the Hobester. Since Maple is staying with Serge for the week we thought it would be a good idea to get rid of as much as her energy as possible. It probably won't work, but it was worth a shot.

One of The Canadian's favorite trails is just down the street but he decided it would be more fun to break trail and just go randomly through the woods. That's the beauty of snowshoeing - no trails needed. 

It didn't take long before TC found a small hill that looked like it needed climbing. Serge and I were a bit behind him and when we caught up we found him waiting at the top of the hill. We both looked up at him with our best are you serious look.

Before my look made impact he was hurling himself down the hill. Then he ran back up and did it again.

With a little cajoling from TC, Serge was up the hill and ready to slide down on his arse. 

I swear a dog was going to loose a leg. Then we'd have a three legged dog on our hands and an awfully big mess.

Even worse, what if I broke my leg on the way down? How do I get talked into these things? Actually, I can't believe I have turned into such a weenie that I need to be talked into sliding down a tiny little hill.                    Oh my god, I'm getting old.

Man down! Man down! 

Good lord, it was a miracle my camera survived as I veered directly at Odin, completely out of control. I almost dislocated a finger but the damage was so minimal I can't even remember which phalange it was now.

The walk continued with TC leading the way, weaving through the woods while Serge and I questioned if he was paying any attention to his path.

Apparently he was, much to my bladder's delight. I was t-minus two minutes from taking a pit stop which I would imagine would have been rather cold and uncomfortable.

Watching the dog's you'd think we were just starting out. I'm not sure there are any other creatures in the world that love snow more than these three. Especially Odin, he rolls around in it, nose dives through it and eats it. 

Well, now that we can cross snowshoeing off our list I think it's time for spring to show up. 

Good times had by all. Here's to hoping it was our last chance to go snowshoeing this season!

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