Sunday, March 25, 2012

Skateboarding Season.

I love it that I have a skateboarding husband. Even better to have a skateboarding dog. 

Life is like my own personal X-games. 

Many years ago I never would have envisioned myself married to a 30-something year old man that went mountain biking, skateboarding, sailing and skiing at every opportunity that he got.

But you know what? I love it.

Remember when you were a young buck and thought that people in their 30's were old and boring? You swore you would never become that person? 

Yeah, well TC is sticking to that plan. The man doesn't have a boring bone in his body.

He's completely fearless as he and Maple cruise the streets of our down town neighborhood. He's been waiting for skateboard season all winter and now that the snow has finally melted, and hopefully won't be returning, he and Maple are free as a bird.

Maple runs along side of him - jumping, sprinting, biting at her leash. They're perfect for each other - both have way too much energy for their own good. 

Meanwhile, Hobie and I hang back and behave ourselves like the nice girls that we are. We calmly walk inside, put on a pot of coffee and get comfortable in front of the computer. We have a quick chat with the traffic gods and then get back to doing homework and napping. 

Eventually we turn on some music, but not too loud...

I should probably be able to hear the phone ring if the ER ever calls.

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