Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Weekend In Calories.

By Friday night I am done. Toast. Pooped. I'm not complaining, don't get me wrong. I'm simply sayin' this girl is tired on Friday nights. So tired that cooking is far more than I can muster so instead I decided to throw my weekday healthy eating habits out the window and eat half a meat lovers pizza. Ignore those veggies, they belong to The Canadian. I would never poison my pizza with such nonsense.

You thought I relaxed and put my feet up on Friday night? Nope. I spent the evening finishing my homework for the 4 classes I'm taking. Nothing says 'I don't want to write this essay' like a lovely high calorie glass of raspberry wine.

Bright and early we headed to the Market on Saturday morning. I kid you not when I tell you that I go to bed on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights dreaming of this waffle. Homemade waffle sprinkled with a few chocolate chips, topped with an entire banana, graham cracker/brown sugar crumble and pure maple syrup - doesn't get any better.

Annnnd follow up by fasting the rest of the day and guessed it! More homework and staring out the window. 

The calorie binge came to halt when I managed to get my ass in gear for the long run of Half-Marathon Training: Week 1. I don't think the four miles I ran even put a dent in my breakfast calories. Seriously, what is wrong with my tongue?

By the time we made it out for the St. Patty's Day celebratory extravaganza I was re-hydrated and ready to finally kick back and relax for a bit. 

Gross! I don't drink Jameson. There is a cheap bottle of wine back there somewhere.

Think I had earned it? 

Toast and eggs for Sunday breakfast? Not bad.

And then this happened (we've already discussed, no need to relive).

And some wonderful man brought me a Blizzard to make me feel better. 

I thanked him, but my thighs cursed him. 

How was your weekend? As deliciously unhealthy as mine? If so...

Repeat after me.

Repeat after me.

I _so and so__, 

Hereby solemnly swear to not throw all my good habits out the window on the weekend...

I promise to show a glimmer of self control... 

Not stuff my face with pizza like an animal...

Not chug wine while writing an essay or doing other important tasks...

And recognize that Blizzards do not help the swelling of a busted nose.

I promise to eat fruit tomorrow.

A lot of it.


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  1. I went on a ski retreat with 60 high school kids last week...I ate like a high schooler...not I'm dieting like an adult!