Thursday, March 1, 2012

I'm Going To Have A Blue Nose.

This is what happens when you take the evening off from your life and you go out with a few girlfriends. You have a glass of wine. Then you have another. Before you know it you've got a second wind and you find yourself enjoying conversation. You're nibbling on some cheese, chatting away, sipping wine and all seems right in the world. You are awesome. You can face any challenge head-on. You are unstoppable.

So what's your next logical move? Well, to come home and register for a half marathon, obviously. Say wah? Maybe you're not quite that awesome. Let's start with a 10k. No need to get ahead of ourself here.

That's right, I just paid good money to enter myself into a race in which I am sure will be the death of me. Not that I don't have confidence in myself. I mean, I did just drink two glasses of wine....the inflated ego hasn't completely warn off yet.

Here's my point. We're not going to discuss this again. Well, not much at least. I'll continue writing this blog for the next few months. But if I suddenly, suspiciously, fall off the face of the Earth on May 20 then you'll know that I have indeed succumb to the the streets of downtown Halifax during my attempt to feel like a bad ass. We should all probably start praying now. Thanks for your support.

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  1. You've so totally got this! xxoo Schaef