Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Busted Face.

I would love to regale y'all with tales of the weekend antics because it was a good time. Alas, it will have to wait until tomorrow.

After returning from an outdoor adventure this morning I was kneeling down and drying off a very muddy Hobie. For no reason and with no warning she suddenly jumped and slammed into my face, more specifically my nose. I cannot remember if it was her head or her hip, but whichever body part it was did damage. In the case of Hobie versus Kate's face, I lost. I heard a pop, saw a bright light and felt blinding pain. Tears immediately sprang from my eyes and I toppled over, right there on the deck.

It's been nine hours since the collision and my head is still furiously pounding and my nose is throbbing. On the up side, it is not numb, discolored or crooked. Oh, and I can breathe just splendidly. According to my ENT doctor friend, Katie (hi!), I will live to see another day. Apparently my nose will not be falling off anytime soon.

Anyway, it is a miracle that I have managed to keep my eyes open long enough to write this.

On that note, my bruised face and I are going to bed. Peace out, homies.

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