Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Party Fun.

Is tomorrow really Monday? I'm not entirely sure where the weekend went. Oh, that's right. I was cleaning. And cooking. And then cleaning some more.

Somehow, the holiday party gods decided that it was my turn to host The Canadian's staff Christmas party. Sounds fun, right?

Sure it was fun. If you think cleaning and cooking for two days straight is a good time. It was fun if you think having only 12 people out of 40 show up because they were only given one week notice is a good time. It's fun if no one drinks your champagne punch because they are at the boss man's home and don't want to get too rowdy so instead you drink most of it yourself because allowing it to go to waste would be alcohol abuse. Okay, that part did mildly entertain me.

Anyway, the few faithful that did come over had a good time, I hope. I certainly did. It was totally worth it. Maybe next year we can really shoot for the stars and aim for 15 guests. Party! Party! Party!

As usual the monsters were absolutely no help at all. One of these days Hobie is going to grow an opposable thumb and start helping out with the work around here. This whole jump-on-the-table-and-eat-the-leftovers-while-no-one-is-looking thing does not count as cleaning up. In fact, it just made more of a mess by flinging dijon mustard all over the place. 

Does she actually think some gift of steak is going to magically appear under the tree for her?

I got news for you, dog. No amount of waiting and wishing is going to make Santa reward your bad behavior. Capeesh?

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