Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ornaments Are The New Curtains.

So, you know when your dining room has hideous blinds that came with the house and after looking at them and hating them for five years you finally decide to take the blinds down because you can't stand it for one more second but now you don't know what to put up for window treatments because although you have an inexplicable feeling that black might be cool you're pretty sure that black would be too heavy even if you did pair if with some cool sheers so instead you do nothing because you can't make up your mind and now its been three months since you took down the ugly blinds and your windows are still bear so to distract people from your lack of interior design skills you cover the huge bay window with eight million ornaments and now you sorta kinda love it so much that you just may leave the ornaments up until the spring when you can replace them with Easter eggs and that way the whole picking out new curtains thing can be avoided all together?

Yeah, me too.


Workout: Cardio - ran 30 minutes on the TM, Weights - plank jacks until i almost died, more abs, biceps and shoulders

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