Monday, December 19, 2011

I'm So Cool.

I meant to go to the gym this afternoon. Really, I did.

But was -5C and snowing. In Farhenheit that is equivalent to...hold on, let me get my calcluator...yup, just what I thought. Damn cold.

It should be illegal to live in this country.

Instead I drove myself to Tim Horton's to get a little pick me up. Is white hot chocolate a new invention? It's amazing. Whoever invented this drink has my undying love and affection. They deserve a medal.

The guy at Tim's was super impressed with my winter gear. You know you're klassy when you roll up bumpin' to old school rap wearing a cute purple hat. Anyone remember I Got 5 On It? Remeber the days when you'd get up from your seat and called "5's on it", meaning no one could sit there because you'd be right back? Yeah, high school was awesome.

When he said "That will be $3.71," I yelled back, "What? I can't hear you under my awesome purple hat!" To top it off, I handed over my money will a Smurf-looking turquois hand. Somehow, when I work on a project more spray paint always ends up on my hand than it does on the actual project.

What is this project, you ask? Well, its a Christmas present for a certain sister of mine. I'd love to tell you all about it but you're going to have to wait as to not ruin the surprise. But trust me when I tell you that my creative genius has never been so impressive.

Now, if you'll excuse me I have to go park my butt on the couch with my white hot chocolate and pretend that its not snowing.

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