Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tonight, after a delicious Christmas dinner at TC's parents house, we were at home doing some baking in the kitchen. The dogs were sleeping on the floor, the volume on the TV was turned down and we were chatting about our day. All of a sudden we heard a crash-boom. We stopped, looked at each other and both quickly went for a walk around the house looking for what might have fallen. A shelf, perhaps? Maybe a photo? Was the Christmas tree on fire? After a quick lap through all the rooms, nothing seemed out of place so we went back to what we were doing.

I finished up my trays of Kiss Twists (you like the name? I came up with it all by myself) and went to put them in the refrigerator to harden. But they wouldn't fit. Being the innovative person that I am, I went to put them outside on the porch. You see, our front porch is completely enclosed and is not heated. Therefore, it is a frozen tundra - aka an extra refrigerator. 

As I stepped outside I quickly realized the source of the mysterious crash. A two liter Diet coke bottle had exploded. And I mean exploded.

After our Thanksgiving party there were a lot of Coke bottles left over. So I did what any smart person would do - I put them outside to stay cold where they wouldn't take up all the room in the fridge. It was working too. Until the temperature dropped to -12 yesterday and froze everything.

Anyway, frozen Diet Coke shards were everywhere. They launched clear across the 12 foot room. They hit the ceiling and got in between the wall and the brick. 

The bottle was demolished.

The force was so great that it split the label right in half.

The lid? Complete destruction.

The ants are going to have a field day come spring time.

I did my best to pick it up. But I gotta tell ya, frozen Diet Coke is not easy to pick up. It's really cold.

In fact, picking up Diet Coke is just weird. You're supposed to wipe it up. Or mop it. Or soak it up. Not pick it up. Its just not right, I tell ya.

So class, what did we learn today? Frozen soda bottles explode violently.

Consider yourself warned.

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