Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Our First (Real) (Mini) Christmas Tree.

Remember how The Canadian said he wanted a mini-tree and I told him that those don't exist? Yeah, well I was wrong. I hate it when that happens.

Isn't it cute? A little bare, a little short and just perfect for our dining room.

Since this is our first Christmas tree (!!) we also had to buy all the accessories that a real tree requires. I call it a tree stand, Maple calls it a water bowl.

Seeing as this is Maple's first experience with a real tree she decided to sniff it out and see what all the fuss was about. After a few licks she learned what a mouth full of sap tastes like. Ahhh, the bitter sweet taste of revenge.

Anyway, TC earned man points for putting our little Charlie Brown tree up all by himself. 

I was busy taking photos because I'm helpful like that.

The best part of our tree? The old school lights. They make me feel like I'm five years old again. I have vivid memories of big lights like these as my family's outdoor lights when I was a youngster. 

Hello, mom? Did I dream that or did we really have the big lights back then?

I tried to boss The Canadian around while we put the lights up but it was just easier to do it myself. Next year I'm going to try and not leaving a giant gaping black spot in the middle of the tree. 

Lesson learned.

Anyway, we spent the past year collecting ornaments everywhere we went. Those combined with the ornaments we got for Christmas last year and the ornaments I stole from my parent's house turned out to be the perfect amount to decorate our tree.

No matching, color coordinated, themed tree in this house. Nope, here we have a mismatched array that is exemplified by a space shuttle marked with the year of my birth.

In high school I spent my summers life guarding. A nanny at the pool made me a beautiful set of four hand painted ornaments for my high school graduation. I thought they were cool at the time but now that I finally have a real tree I absolutely love them.

Ummm, hello? What tree isn't complete with a sequin brontosaurus? Stole that baby from my mom, fair and square.

And you know the USA is representin'. Maybe if Canada was cool enough they could have their own ornament too.

Of course, there is a pyramid of cupcakes. Of course.

Obviously, the Chic-Fil-A cow has to make an appearance. Too bad no one around here appreciates the humor. These Canadians don't know what they're missing.

Despite an embarrassing season, I still have to show off my Tennessee love. Even if it is in the form of a craft-show snowman. Whatever, orange is orange.

First runner up in randomness (next to the dinosaur) is clearly the s'more. I have no explanation. I just thought he was funny.

The classic orange life jacket is just a precaution in case Maple starts drowning in the tree's water supply.

And finally, my favorite ornament from our first Christmas as old fuddy-duddies.


Looks pretty good, right?

Wait, let me focus a bit.

There we go. It's what my MIL calls a Norman Rockwell tree.

Will someone please get their butt in gear and wrap some presents?

I'll pay you in cookies.


Workout: fast and furious. Cardio - 30 minutes, Weights: abs and biceps cicuit

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  1. That is my sequin dinosaur!!!!!!!!! Thief!!!!